“Mary HD is set to release her new single, ‘I Am The War’, over all digital platforms and is definitely an uplifting song, produced by industry veteran,Johnny Douglas and will also be followed by her music video.’”

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Mary HD is releasing her single, ‘I Am The War,’with pre-sales, which commenced on March 11th across streaming platforms ‘‘iTunes’, and finally will be completely available across all other digitalmedia outlets as of 5th of April.

The song is essentially the opening salvo of the singer-songwriter’s upcoming project, Pure Love, which has been produced by music industry veterans, Johnny Douglas and Neil Shaw-Hulme.

‘I Am The War’ is a bold effort when all things considered, as she is trying to broadcast a universal message in these times of need. For Mary HD, it is her monumental moment, trying to take her vision in music to the masses. To that end, she has crafted this tune as a message of her belief in God. She is truly heartfelt in her soaring vocals as well, telling that anybody can overcome anything to achieve their goals and purpose; they only have to believe in themselves and the helping hand of God. All in all, it is a truly affirming message that is certain to get a great deal of recognition for its simple but effective message.


The music itself is celebratory in nature and form, the kind of stuff you might need in a gloomy night to raise your spirits. It is her vision that all of her efforts and the passion would reach in the hearts of all her listeners. Certainly, it is an extremely entertaining piece of music, produced by Multi-Platinum 70 Million Selling Award Winning Music Producer Johnny Douglas (George Michael [R.I.P], Tina Turner, John Legend). Johnny Douglas,has played his part quite effectively in crafting the recording production. The Music Video to I Am the War, was filmed at Adonis Baths and Avakas Gorge Cave in Cyprus by Cyprus’s Production team-Moi Ostrav.

Mary HD’s inspiring spirit has definitely not gone unnoticed by the world. Her association with charities like The Prince’s Trust and Special baby care Charity, Bliss. has brought her favor with The Royal Family, having previously wrote/sang music for HRH Prince Charles, Followed by, Mary’s invite from HM The Queen, to Buckingham Palace, in recognition of her services in Music and Charity work. Whereby, she spoke with Birgitte,The Duchess of Gloucester (Patron of Bliss, Special baby care Charity), who stated that, ‘Mary HD is practically family with the work that she does.’



One can very easily envision that her Star and popularity is only going to rise even more-so.


Mary HD was born in Blackburn and was raised upon her Scottish heritage. From an early age her artistic endeavors would continue and eventually lead to her music career. Her first album, RESOLUTE (L.H.P.C), was released unto the entire world and across 2017-2018, Mary wrote/recorded and mastered her next album, PURE LOVE. Singles taken from this album will follow the release of, I Am The War.

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